Dolphins Free Agent Spending

Will Miami Dolphins Player Moves Change Anything?

Miami Dolphins early moves puzzling. Has anything changed?

Once again, the Miami Dolphins splashed into the first day of free agency by signing a big-name. For the second-straight year the Dolphins seek to bolster their defensive line by inking defensive end Mario Williams.

Williams joins last year’s acquisition Ndamukong Suh in a re-vamped lined. Does the 31-year-old Williams have anything left in the tank after a down season in Buffalo?

Miami also swapped first round picks to acquire corner Byron Maxwell and linebacker Kiko Alonso. Maxwell earned poor marks during his time in Philly, however, some speculate he will perform better in Miami’s new zone-based defense. Alonso, who will earn around $900,000 in the final year of his contract, needs to remain healthy in order to make an impact.

The Dolphins allowed two defensive players in Olivier Vernon and Derrick Shelby to depart via free agency. Vernon received a massive, massive pay day from the New York Giants. While Vernon’s 2015 season produced mixed results, he appeared to be one of the few Dolphins who played and practiced with passion. Miami also let running back Lamar Miller go to the Houston Texans.

What do the Dolphins know that we don’t? They have an analytics team in-house. Did they acquire these players in some sort of “Moneyball” scheme where they think they’ve unearthed hidden gems capable of performing in their schemes? Did they do the math and conclude Vernon and Miller weren’t worth the re-signing dollars?

We do know this: The Dolphins track record of success over the past 20 years rates as poor and this stretch under the ownership of Stephen Ross represents the worst period in Dolphins history. We’ll see if the odds will eventually turn in their favor.

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