Updates on our 5 Miami Dolphins Offseason Predictions

We Predicted Dennis Hickey's Firing

Two Predictions Fulfilled, What’s Next for Miami Dolphins Off-season?


On Dec. 21, we published five predictions regarding the Miami Dolphins off-season. So far, two of the five predictions turned out to be correct and one more could potentially be brewing.

What did we get right?

1. Mike Tannenbaum would solidify his power base and become the alpha exec inside the organization.

“If Tannenbaum understands office politics, he will quickly move to solidify his position via a number of tactics. He should seek to control personnel and coaching while also fighting to become the No. 1 voice in Ross’ ear. With front office players such as Dawn Aponte, Dan Marino and whichever consultant Ross has hired, Tannenbaum must evolve into the “alpha employee” in the organization. The organization could benefit from an “alpha” structure to help stem mistrust among employees and coaches. We’re just not all that impressed with Tannenbaum’s resume.”

As we said, the simplification of the front office needed to happen. Ross needs to listen to one voice. However, this scenario presents both advantages and disadvantages:

Disadvantage: Is Tannenbaum really the right guy to call the shots? He drafted Mark Sanchez, traded for Santonio Holmes and Tim Tebow and generally left the Jets in a salary cap hell from which they are just recovering. Former Dolphins interim head coach Todd Bowles deserves commendation for putting the Jets on the brink of the playoffs with Rusty Fitzpatrick as his QB.

If Tannenbaum is not qualified, who will tell Ross about his failures? Will Ross get a clear picture from one person in the organization? We’ll see.

Advantage: The GM knows who he reports to and should not communicate with Ross unless asked. There seems to be an open opinion on the head coach’s role and who ultimately controls the 53-man roster. The Dolphins appear in pragmatic mode as they will likely tailor the remainder of the infrastructure to suit the needs of the person they wish to hire. The below Tweet presents good news and potentially could help untangle the front office knot Ross fashioned.

2. Dennis Hickey Fired:

“Part of Tannenbaum’s power consolidation will involve him assuming the GM role, conducting the draft and other personnel moves. He’ll also be the man controlling the next coach. Hickey actually has done a decent job and deserves a better fate.”

No brainer, really. The writing appeared on the wall when Tannenbaum joined the organization.

While we viewed Hickey as a sort of “settlement” candidate, he did draft Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker, two players that will impact the team well into the future.

The Dolphins promoted Chris Grier internally, but given all the GM rejections last time around, why didn’t they hire from within last time? Grier’s GM title will serve as a glorified head of scouting to assist Tannenbaum in his potential role of shot-caller.

NFL front office people are humans with families and mortgages. It’s always a bad situation when a new regime comes in and blows up your position. We hope Hickey lands on his feet with a more stable organization.

3. Oliver Vernon and Lamar Miller gone: This prediction simmers as we speak. Vernon indicated he’s sign with the highest bidder. Miller commented after Sunday’s game that fit and opportunity played greater importance than money. Both seem on their way out. Who can blame them?

“Both players are free agents. Vernon evolved into an excellent OLB with a great motor and work ethic. His future involves large sums of cash. Miller, meanwhile, appears both puzzled and frustrated regarding how the Dolphins deploy his skills. Miller will be on a number of team radars if he hits the free agent market. Yeah, he played at “The U” but at the end of the day, it’d be nice to get paid while receiving an opportunity to serve as a feature back.”

Two remaining predictions:

No Major Coaching Hire: The Dolphins will end up hiring a coach comfortable with Tannenbaum and vice versa. It could be an ex-Jet — such as Niners defensive coordinator Eric Mangini — or someone from the Tannenbaum/Bill Parcells tree. Does Tannenbaum have a relationship with Saints head coach Sean Payton? Would Payton want to come to Miami (if he leaves New Orleans)?

Player Acquisition: The team will restructure Ndamukong Suh’s contract to help create even more cap space. They’ll spend lavishly on offensive line, linebacker and corner help. Ryan Tannehill will continue as the undisputed No. 1 quarterback without competitive bench pressure.

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