Trading up for a QB is a reasonable option for the Dolphins

By (Dan Jamroz)

I mentioned in a previous blog how Miami could move up in the draft and it seemed more wishful thinking than actual possibility (is that an oxymoron?). I didn’t think Miami had the capital to make such a move, but, after some more consideration I believe they are PRIMED to trade up if they so choose.

Now there are too many factors in the front office/philosophy/pocketbook to predict whether they would do so such a thing. Let’s not go there yet.

I always assumed Buffalo had the most ammo to move up (2 1st Rounders and extra Day 2 picks). Their 1st Rounders are 21st and 22nd overall. Not great, but not bad if a team is looking at quantity for young talent. Miami could easily outplay them here if they use Ryan Tannehill and the structure of his deal to their advantage.

I had said offer Tannehill to Cleveland and that may still be the preferred course of action in their quest to get an experienced starter. You could say the door would be open in Denver as well. But what about going in the other direction? I just read how Blake Bortles had surgery and Jacksonville needs to decide on his $19 million option. Insert one Ryan Tannehill into trade talks for the 29th overall pick. Jacksonville’s line can protect him, the receivers can get open and the running game takes the pressure off. For Jacksonville they have so much youth they do not need more picks. They need a guy who doesn’t overthrow screens by 5 yards nor misses frequently on the deep ball. Tannehill had some of the best deep accuracy in 2016.

Miami could package the 11th, 29th, and their early 4th Rounder for the 1st overall pick for the rights to any QB they want. My preference is …read more

Source:: PhinFever