SportsTalkFlorida: Is Dolphins Logo the New Islanders Fishstick?

The Miami Dolphins introduced throwback uniforms on Wednesday to help celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary.

The response from fans, media and uniform critics such as ESPN’s UniWatch, resulted in a gushing and overly positive response. Many fans took to Twitter singing the same theme: Why aren’t the throwbacks the team’s regular uniforms?

UniWatch, a highly knowledgeable and respected critic of sports apparel said this:

“The Miami Dolphins are marking their 50th season, and they’re celebrating the occasion with a new 1966 throwback design, which will be worn on Dec. 14 against the Giants. It’s a good look. In fact, as many fans quickly opined on social media, it’s a lot better than Miami’s current uniform. In a perfect world, the team would admit that the current uni has been a failed experiment and just go back to the classic look, but that’s not going to happen. But hey, at least the Dolphins will have a big visual upgrade for one game. Grade: A”

Note the underlined portion of the quote: The team should admit failure, but it’s not going to happen.


There are lots of reasons and many center around Stephen Ross’ ownership of the club.

April 25, 2013, marked one of the darkest chapters in Miami Dolphins history as the ownership group unveiled the current logo and uniforms. The response from fans has been tepid at best. Loyal fans seemed to have shrugged and adopted it blindly. Others like it. Still more despise it.

Go into a sports apparel store in your local mall and ask the sales folks what Dolphins fans think about the new uniforms, hats and other apparel. Most will tell you that fans dislike it. Furthermore, it seems as though the team has gone out of the way — prior to this announcement — to bury the former logos. The club’s 50th Anniversary logo features the current logo as if it’s been there through the team’s history. And throwback merchandise has been difficult to find in retail outlets.

Either way, the current logo is Ross marking the team as “Stephen Ross’ Dolphins” while symbolically ushering in a “new era” of Miami Dolphins history where the mistakes of the past, the demise of one of the NFL’s once-elite franchises, can be put to rest.


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