Should Miami Dolphins trade Tannehill for Rivers?

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Is it time to trade Tannehill?

If the Dolphins are truly in “win now” mode as owner Stephen Ross suggested at the start of the season, why are they waiting for Ryan Tannehill to gain a Drew Brees-like career epiphany?

The Dolphins continue to struggle when it comes to finishing off drives and it seems like it’s time to punt on the Tannehill experiment. The San Diego Chargers also continue to struggle and yet they have, arguably, a second-tier quarterback in Philip Rivers who, with the right compliments around him, could be elite.

Let’s agree Tannehill at best will evolve into a second tier QB. He will ever become elite and will not be able to outplay Tom Brady. At the end of the day, the Dolphins need to be better than the Pats if they want to win another AFC East title this side of Armageddon.

Can Rivers make them elite? Possibly.

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