PhinManiacs Live, Feb. 16 – Tonight at 8:00 PM: Roster moves, Stephen Ross, and discussions of the future


On this week’s episode of PhinManiacs Live, the crew will discuss the latest roster moves made by the Miami Dolphins and the impact they will have on the roster if any.

Next on the block will be the comments made recently by owner Stephen Ross, including his statement regarding coaches in the NFL and what that has to do with Adam Gase, and also his comments regarding the three year old BullyGate scandal being about racism.

Finally, they will discuss what the future of key Dolphins free agents will be. All this and more on this week’s edition of PhinManiacs Live.

They will be taking calls over the course of the show. If you wish to call in, call 1-954-376-5704, or you can tweet the show at @PhinManiacs. …read more


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