NFL Color Rush: Stop Uniform Insanity

I’m old.

That’s the first thing I’m going to say.

I grew up during the 1970’s where NFL uniforms reached the peak of perfection. How so? Here’s the teams who still sport the same uniforms (some of them have corrected past mistakes and returned to their rightful looks): New York Giants and Jets, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Colts, San Francisco, Washington, Buffalo, Chicago, Kansas City and Oakland.

Sears Wishbook NFL 1970's

For 45 years I have proudly supported the New York Yankees and enjoyed their steadfast desire to respect their brand and tradition by never altering their look. Even when they support MLB charitable events, they roll out only slight variations of their clothing.

All-told, 12 NFL teams maintained or re-established their looks from the 1970’s.

Several teams have utterly destroyed their classic looks: New England, Cleveland, Seattle, Denver, Miami, Tampa and Atlanta. The Patriots are guilty of creating the single-largest uniform/logo downgrade in American sports history. Thanks Bill Parcells, I can’t imagine what the inside of your home looks like.

Other clubs have opted for minor tweaks yielding solid results: Minnesota, Detroit and Arizona. The others are…meh…including the Saints, who really need to get back to their classic look and eliminate the all-black mono-uni. The Rams move from mustard yellow color scheme to gold serves as a fail, which just might be corrected upon their return to Los Angeles.

There is ZERO reason to alter classic looks except through greed or ownership vanity. No company has heaped more damage on the world of uniforms than Nike. The NCAA is a joke these days.

And so now we come upon “Color Rush” where the NFL uses charity and Thursday Night football as an excuse to dress their players in complete mono-uni clown outfits.

If Thursday games weren’t already unwatchable — let’s face it, these games are clearly sloppy and skewed in favor of the home team — these clown uniforms make it even worse. The combination of bad football with seizure-inducing colors means I won’t be watching Thursday night games unless the Dolphins are on.

Stop this madness. Please.

And stop buying this crap. If you want to support a charity, do some work or donate money, but don’t fall for this Nike crap.

Check out all the uniforms over at, the bible of logo and uniform discussion.

Some rush uniforms that look acceptable: Carolina, New England, Green Bay, New Orleans, KC, Pittsburgh, Oakland, Giants, Dallas, Cincinnati and Chicago.

But you youngin’s think it’s cool…like the new Dolphins logo. That’s what happens when you grow up in a different era…one filled with social media, overall crassness and the Kardashians… LOL

Hey you kids, get off the lawn!!!