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Negative Impressions of 0-2 Dolphins Start

You’re a diehard Dolfan and drank the summer Kool-Aid again didn’t you?


Stop doing this to yourself! Stop banding your head against the wall or slapping yourself in the face or breaking objects around your house. Most NFL fans feel this way. Think about it: You could be a Buffalo Bills fan actually living in Buffalo where it’s going to snow from now until like next June and the sun won’t shine most days.

Look, we’re not going to pretend everything is rosy just because the Miami Dolphins fought hard and lost two narrow road games. Horseshoes-and-hand-grenades be damned.

To balance out our 5 Positive Thoughts story, we now present the DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE.


Let’s put this in perspective: The Seahawks went down to play the LA Rams (gosh, it feels good to say that again), and put up another offensive stinker. Seattle is JUST NOT THAT GOOD RIGHT NOW. Period.

The evidence? The Seahawks couldn’t score in LA while the Patriots back-up quarterback played like the real Tom Brady. Before getting KO’d with a shoulder injury, the Patriots essentially manhandled the Dolphins defense.

Also, Seattle faced a team they don’t see very often which sported a new head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator. How much tape can you watch. Before the poor performance in Week 2, one could assume Seattle’s opening day offense evolved out of first-game preparation issues.

Martellus Bennett stiff arms Byron Maxwell

We have to ask the question: Is this defense as good as everyone thinks it is? After Sunday, we’re going to go ahead and say it’s a work in progress.

On a positive note, the Dolphins didn’t quit and they continued to test ways to stop Jimmy Garoppolo’s quick drops and throws. The hit that delivered the injury — from Kiko Alonso — offered proof that the Dolphins were beginning to figure things out. Unfortunately, the scoreboard read 21-0 at that point.


Arian Foster could be sidelined with a hamstring injury. Jay Ajayi didn’t look so great in his first appearance. He fumbled as well. Kenyon Drake score a touchdown on a nice run. What do the Dolphins have to do to ensure they don’t fall into a Dan Marino-type offense of all-pass/no run?


Head coach Adam Gase, 38, has taken on the role of head coach and offensive play caller. Among his many jobs he’s been tasked with whispering sweet nothings to Ryan Tannehill in a bid to wring every ounce of potential from the fifth-year starter, manage his rookie defensive coordinator as well as overall expectations.

Can he do it? Will the Dolphins face another locker room implosion at some point this season?


The Dolphins enjoy a massive run where they’ll play more than half of their home schedule in the next six games. They will most likely beat Cleveland in Week 3 and probably lose, one the road to Cincinnati in a Thursday Nighter the next week. Thursday Night games heavily favor home teams.

If the Dolphins are going to have any chance of making the playoff this season, they need to get their house in order RIGHT NOW.