2017 NFL Draft

Miami Dolphins Should Have QB High On Their Draft List

The 2017 NFL Draft offers the Miami Dolphins an opportunity to invest in an insurance policy at quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill and the club dodge a catastrophic event when the knee injury he sustained in Week 13 against the Arizona Cardinals. Matt Moore took the reigns and helped the Dolphins make the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

Moore took a significant hit in the Dolphins playoff game in Pittsburgh. By some miracle he managed to collect his thoughts and remain in the game. However, the Dolphins would’ve finished the game with T.J. Yates calling signals.

While Moore played as well as a backup could given the circumstances. But if the Dolphins don’t make an immediate investment in a draft choice this year, they run the risk of having the following scenarios play out:

Dolphins 2017 QB Scenarios

Tannehill Isn’t 100 Percent for Camp: The Dolphins SHOULD NOT rush Tannehill back into the lineup until he is 100 percent healthy. There’s no need to risk the franchise asset for the pre-season or the season opener if he’s not ready to go.

Injury Bug Catches up with Tannehill: The former receiver has taken a savage beating over the course his career. In 77 career games, Tannehill got dropped 213 times including a league-high 58 during the 2013 season. To be fair, Tannehill’s current injury was the result of a direct blow and not wear and tear. But injuries are always a bit of luck mixed with other abilities/blessing. What if that combo has run out?

Moore Leaves After 2017: The 32-year-old seems happy in Miami. He’s in the final year of a deal paying $2.15 million. That’s great money for an insurance policy QB. It’s unlikely Moore would be offered a starting role in 2018 as he turns 33. But what if he received better money elsewhere?


The 2017 NFL Draft offers some interested QB prospects that could fall to the second round on down. This could be one of those draft groups where a later round selection out-performs first rounders.

Say it over and over again: Tom Brady, 6th Rounder. The Patriots had Drew Bledsoe at the time.

Just sayin’.

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Cal’s Davis Webb?
Pat Mahomes from Texas Tech?

Check out some of the QB’s available here and form your own opinion!