Miami Dolphins: Listen to Fans, Make Throwback Uniforms Permanent!

This is what happiness feels like.

The Dolphins, dressed in their Sunday best and looking like the team from my childhood.

The Bills, their bright white helmets and sharp red and blue uniforms sparkling in the Miami sun.

Miami does what it used do with ease back in the 1970’s: Beat Buffalo.

THIS is what the NFL should look like.

THIS is why 1970’s uniforms achieved perfection and should never, ever be altered. Some teams have taken that advice. You know them as classic teams that orbit around the Super Bowl — Pittsburgh and Green Bay. And we see even loser franchises like the Bills and Jets harken back to the era of The Joes — Ferguson and Namath, that is. Other teams such as the Colts, Cowboys and even 49ers have retained their classic looks. calls the Dolphins throwbacks: “The Best Throwbacks in Football.” And delivers this photo gallery of glorious imagery from yesterday’s events. 

And we agree.

But we don’t consider them “throwbacks,” we consider them OUR RIGHTFUL UNIFORMS.

Do uniforms matter?

As a player, when you see Dan Marino, Don Shula and other Legends shuffling around the facility and you get to pull on the same exact uniform they once competed in with great success, how can you not feel pride? Imagine being a baseball player and buttoning a New York Yankees jersey. You think Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Derk Jeter, 27 World Championships. Do you get that same feeling in a Tampa Bay Rays uniform? Highly unlikely.

Once again, it’s time for Stephen Ross, Nike, Mike Dee, whoever is responsible for the AquaFresh Dolphins logo and Houston Oilers’ Love Ya Blue color scheme and return to our traditional roots!

Twitter displays overwhelming support to re-establish our traditional uniforms on a permanent basis — white AND aqua. Additionally, I’m calling for the elimination of the aqua pants, which I’ve always disliked. You cannot look tough in aqua pants — especially when you wear them on the road! LOL

Look at just a sample of the love displayed on Twitter and the universal call to replace the current uniforms. Compare this reaction to the ridiculous “Color Rush” uniforms which are designed to drive viewership for a poor Thursday Night product. The NFL knows the teams are tired, the games favor home teams and the level of play is often ragged and sloppy. So they distract with ridiculous uniforms. Again, proof that the laundry DOES matter.

I’ll make the Dolphins a deal: You permanently switch back to our old uniforms and I’ll end my boycott and buy two season tickets for the next 10 years. That’s my pledge.

Tradition Matters