Dolphins Flag Distress Signal

Miami Dolphins Fans Can Change Team’s Direction

Don’t sit there complaining and wallowing in depression about the state of our 1-4 Miami Dolphins. Do something about it!

It’s time for tough love. Not on the team. On YOU.

That’s right YOU. ME. ALL OF US DOLFANS.

You’re not going to like to hear what I’m about to say, but you need to deal with the truth. This is intervention time where cards are laid on the table, painful truths revealed and people speak their piece.

You want Ryan Tannehill out as QB? You don’t like the players the team selects in the Draft? You’re tired of missing the playoffs again?

All of this is on us, the fan base.

Say what? None of us chose Ryan Tannehill or Laremy Tunsil or Adam Gase or Stephen Ross. None of us changed the logo or messed up the uniforms. None of us took this team from being a perennial playoff team into a bottom-third NFL laughingstock.

Or did we?

Every time you buy a ticket — home or road. Every time you purchase merchandise with that mockery of a logo on it, you ENABLE the Miami Dolphins.

That’s right. You ENABLE Stephen Ross.

You want to solve all of this? BOYCOTT the team. The American consumer can crush entire brands and companies by simply choosing to withhold dollars.

Queue the chorus: “You’re not a real fan.” “Go support the Jets or the Bills or the Patriots.”


Don’t be a sucker. By accepting everything this organization offers you reveal a mindset that “if the team does it, it must be good.” Or “I’m loyal so I’ll just keep my mouth shut and support.”

You know what, I agree, unconditional love certainly appeals from the romance level. However, when someone/thing you love does things to harm themselves or continues to damage you mentally, emotionally and physically, you HAVE TO ADDRESS THE CAUSE.. The continued journey along an unchecked path leads to destruction. And the destruction doesn’t just ruin one person’s/thing’s life, it leaves a smoking crater of collateral damage in its wake.

The Dolphins frustrate you and what happens?

You’re depressed. Out of that depression you snap at your kids or wife or girlfriend or friends.You become miserable at home. You mope through Monday and work and your job performance suffers.

How many time have the Dolphins ruined the Holidays by blowing the final week of the season?

Out of uncontrolled frustration you smash things with your fist, break objects and possibly injure yourself. You spend your hard-earned time and money getting angry and ending the day fuming.

Think about that. Shouldn’t you spend your precious time and money on things that you enjoy?

The team hands you a crap logo and uniform and you do what? Dutifully get it inked on your skin? Run out and purchase clothing with it?

When ownership hands you a bag of chum, it’s your duty to call it out as a BAG OF CHUM and push back at them and say: I EXPECT MORE FROM YOU. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

You’d send back a crummy meal in a restaurant wouldn’t you? So why is this different?

I’ll tell you one way it’s different: If you were to receive unacceptable food in a restaurant, you’d send it back. But you receive unacceptable results from your football team — the one that everyone you know and love associates WITH YOU — and you just take it. You know who that reflects poorly on in the end? YOU. All your friends and family see the loser Miami Dolphins and associate the team with YOU.

We are the Miami Dolphins. We used to be a team and a fan base that expected and watched perfection. Why do we settle for crumbs and so much less? Why do we not question everything until we actually see results?

When you boycott a thing you love, when you live in the state of Florida and you’re itching to fulfill a childhood dream of owning season tickets and you won’t because you want to affect change? THAT is true love. THAT is sacrifice and love. I haven’t attended a Dolphins game or purchased merchandise in years out of protest.

And this is exactly what needs to happen FROM ALL OF US. If you truly love this team you will hurt Stephen Ross in the only way you can: With your feet. With your wallet.

Now, I have nothing personal against Mr. Ross. I’m sure he’s a lovely man. He paid for the stadium upgrades out of his own pocket, but he did so because he botched the political side of things and, thank heavens, our politicians did the right thing for once.

But everything Ross has done — with the exception of the stadium renovation — blows up in everyone’s face.

It’s not for lack of trying or bad intentions. The man is not actively seeking to run a multi-billion dollar asset into the ground.

But the team must be moved into someone else’s hands.

I guarantee, two years of empty seats at home games will drive Ross to sell. Now, he might punt it to his pre-assigned successor and we may not escape this entirely, but if we make things bad enough, perhaps Ross will not want to foist a money-losing enterprise on an employee he cares about.

And don’t fear. Poor attendance will send ownership into a death rattle, spewing threats of re-locating the team as a last-ditch effort to drive attendance. The Dolphins aren’t going anywhere. With the new stadium upgrades Ross could put the team on the market and score somewhere between $1.5 to 1.75 billion for the club. With the stadium upgraded a prospective owner would acquire a turnkey operation.

So what’s it going to be? Tough love for a team or enabling poor ownership out of “loyalty?”

All of this rests upon YOU.