Is Miami Dolphins Hire of Adam Gase a Repeat of Past Mistakes?

Dolphins Hire Adam Gase

Is Adam Gase the Right Coach or is this Deja Vu?

NFL Network reports the Miami Dolphins have hired Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase. Once again, we could be witnessing yet another repeat of the mistakes the organization has executed since Stephen Ross’ ownership took over.

How media hype works: Gase immediately earned recognition as an up-and-coming coordinator for his “work with Jay Cutler and Tim Tebow.” Good reporters will talk with three main sources: NFL Insiders, agents and a source within the organization. Of these three groups, agents will provide the greatest overvaluation because they exist as salesmen with a goal of getting a client as much buzz and as many interviews as possible.

Team beat reporters — particularly in the NFL — walk a fine line between reporting, criticism and burning bridges with the team. They will often buy in to what the team sells them. Partly out of belief, partly to cooperate. Often hometown media offers a starkly different evaluation of a team compared to external sources. Hometown media — for a variety of reasons — tends to overvalue the quality of their club. It keeps fans engaged.

What makes Gase so special? Good question. So he worked with Cutler, Tebow and Peyton Manning. Big deal. The Bears offense ranked 23rd in 2015. Hardly impressive.

Cutler, with his facial expressions, body language, past history and comments, leaves the impression as someone who thinks he knows it all or is better than others. He appears to be a player who may not cotton to coaching very well, however, he owns great tools. So maybe Gase impressed Cutler enough to execute his advice (Cutler career stats below):

Jay Cutler Stats --

Tebow, on the other hand, appears as a hard-working and coachable player with flawed mechanics. While Manning plays on as a certified Hall of Famer. What, as a coach, can you do other than keep him upright?

None of these surface-levels reasons really make Gase more attractive than say…Tom Coughlin, who the Dolphins haven’t interviewed.

Haven’t we been down this road before? (SIGH). Unfortunately, yes. Just when it looked like the Dolphins might actually turn the corner on repeating the same mistakes, they advance on this coaching search really hoping to get Gase all along. And really, they have themselves believing they are doing this to help Ryan Tannehill achieve a career breakthrough.

The Dolphins hired Joe Philbin, who received credit for helping Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, to help their quarterback situation and we see how that turned out. The bottom line is that NFL head coaches don’t have the time to focus on one player. That’s for the coordinators and positional coaches to worry about while reporting progress back to the head coach.

Tony Sparano who, bless him, remains the last coach to lead the Dolphins to the playoffs, was another former coordinator who was supposed to bring in the Bill Parcells brand of football and toughen the team up.

Cam Cameron, another “hot coordinator,” remains as the single biggest coaching disaster in Dolphins history.

So why should Gase beat the odds? Is it because at some point the blind squirrel will find the nut? Or Ross thinks the odds have to eventually turn his way? Here’s a suggestion: Go to an off-track betting parlor and check out all the penniless degenerates who have lived their lives thinking that way.

Are the Dolphins hiring to soon? The Dolphins again want to make sure they land the coveted name on the market. It makes them feel important and loved. It sells tickets when you can boast about landing the guy five other teams also interviewed. Mike Tannenbaum probably looks good to Ross for getting they everyone in the media is talking about.

But where are we with Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia from the Patriots? Can the Dolphins wait one more week or perhaps two to see if the can land one of these Bill Belichick disciples. If anything, hiring a key coach away from a division rivals transports a ton of institutional knowledge and forces them to hire a replacement.

Where is former Giants coach Coughlin? He would represent the first hard-as-nails coach the Dolphins have had since Don Shula retired.

Is Gase the right hire? We have no idea. We hope, for the sake of this franchise and our interminable suffering that Gase turns into Sean Payton.

But the Dolphins have always been — even long before Ross arrived on the scene — a very predictable franchise. The evidence of how this will likely play out is written in the team’s history.

What can they do to break out of this?

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