Dolphins WR DeVante Parker says he’s ‘tired of being hurt’

Back in 2015, the Miami Dolphins used their first round pick on a promising young talent named DeVante Parker out of Louisville, with the intention of turning him into their true number one wide receiver. In his two years with the team, the official game logs state that he’s only missed three games in his whole career.

Yet the number one concern regarding Parker as of now is his apparent inability to stay healthy.

Going into his third season, the 24-year old Parker has suffered from foot and hamstring injuries that have limited him on the football field and kept him from becoming the player everyone hoped he would, only making 82 catches for a total of 1,238 yards and seven touchdowns in his two years in the NFL.

Those stats are not particularly impressive for a player who was being touted as a potential superstar, and the young receiver has been called out for his overall lack of NFL discipline in his everyday life by his coaches in the past.

Now, however, we are hearing a different tune from the Miami Dolphins coaching staff. Offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen spoke nearly two weeks ago on the change he’s seen recently in Parker.

“The great thing is we’re seeing what we were hoping to see, and that’s A) a healthy DeVante Parker – he is running probably better than I’ve seen him run since I’ve been here – and a hungry DeVante Parker.” he said. “I think he has been around a lot more than last year. He is practicing hard.”

Nearly two weeks later, Parker himself commented on what Christensen said about what he’s seen regarding his “hunger.”

“He’s not lying to you.”

Parker spoke to the media on Friday morning at the Fins Weekend golf tournament about his injury history and what …read more


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