Dolphins Schedule Weeks 3-8

Why Dolphins Fans Will Be Fired Up After November 6

IF you haven’t visited our Schedule page yet, you’ll notice among the columns our predictions for each week as well as the end-of-season outcome.

We launched the page without much fanfare, but looking at the page today I noticed something huge. If our predictions are correct — and having followed this team for 44 years we think we have a pretty good idea about how this team functions vs. Murphy’s Law — your 0-2 blues and frustration will evaporate in the euphoria of a massive winning streak.

Yes, fellow Dolfans, we predict Miami will win 5 of its next 6 games.

Dolphins Schedule Weeks 3-8

Let’s review the thinking here:

vs. CLE — The Dolphins win their home opener this weekend vs. Cleveland. The Browns will have a backup QB starting, the new roof should make things nice and loud and the humidity should serve as a drain.

@ CIN — A short week leads to a game in Cincy where you never really know which cats are going to show up. With Thursday Night Games skewing heavily in favor of home teams, we’re going to pick the Bengals here.

vs. TEN —
Ten days of rest and a home game against the evolving Tennessee Titans serves as a recipe for the start of a winning streak.

vs. PIT — We admit predicting a win over Pittsburgh is a stretch, but the thinking here is that this is one of those surprise games. The Steelers will venture to South Florida, wear black in the hot sun and wilt. This is an upset special on the schedule.

vs. BUF — Buffalo and Sexy Rexy Ryan will be in utter implosion mode by the time they hit Miami in late October. Given that Ryan was not privy to a recent owner/player meeting, we’re thinking Ryan could be on the rocks…and the Bills will mail it in amid all the turmoil.

vs. NYJ — Gang Green and their knuckle-dragging fans invade Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Landshark/Sun Life/Hard Rock Stadium (did we miss a name?) to trash up the new space. The confident Dolphins will demolish our overrated, loud-mouthed enemies.



As usual, Dolfans will be flying high, dreaming of the playoffs and…just in time to ruin the Holidays, the team will come crashing down by winning only two games the rest of the season to finish 7-9.

The good news about the aforementioned streak is the Dolphins are at home for five games. And that creates the problem of having to play the bulk of their second-half games on the road — including back-to-back games in Southern California.

We’ll probably miss on a few of these predictions. They might lose to the Steelers and go out to LA and beat the Rams. Who knows. Either way, like a political poll, we expect no more than a plus/minus of two wins or losses on our prediction. So the range represents the 9-7 to 5-11 band. Pretty typical for the Dolphins so far this century.

The season is a long one. Injuries to the Dolphins and opponents can change things drastically (see 2016 Minnesota Vikings as an example). What looks like a loss today could morph into a win if an opponent’s starting QB goes down.

What do you think?