Mike Tannenbaum

Is Dan Campbell a Mike Tannenbaum puppet?

FoxSports.com’s Six Points column raises an interesting rumor after the Dolphins gritty 20-19 win in Philly: Interim coach Dan Campbell is executing Mike Tannenbaum’s commands from the front office.

Here’s a big factor to consider as it pertains to Campbell’s chances of being named Miami’s full-time head coach: Sources say team executive VP of football operations Mike Tannenbaum has a strong say right now when it comes to who plays on Sundays. That’s power usually reserved for the head coach. However, since Campbell doesn’t have much experience, Tannenbaum is in charge and Campbell seems to be just fine with that.

Tannenbaum likes to have control. He always has. If Campbell leads this team to a strong finish, his ability to co-exist with Tannenbaum and abide by his wishes for a big say on game-day decisions could make him a legit candidate. — FoxSports.com.

Cutting to the chase: Nothing good will come from this if it’s true.

What can go wrong, you say?

Campbell has zero head coaching experience. He’s in a custodial role as well as a trial role. What he does here will not only affect his future with the Dolphins, but also with other organizations. Who can blame Campbell for seeking advice from every corner and being the ultimate company guy?

Tannenbaum, as the author points out, likes control. Who, in their job, doesn’t?

If this turns out to be true — and football insiders talk among each other — the Dolphins will not be able to land a big-time, game-changing coach. The chances of that happening with the current front office org chart could be slim in the first place.

To put the Philadelphia game in perspective: This match exhibited two flawed teams where one of them would find a way to lose. The Eagles displayed a stunning ability to transform mid-game from domination to stagnation and the Dolphins were hungry enough to grab it. Usually Miami is on the other side of those types of games.

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