Campbell, Tannehill Transcripts

(Opening statement) – “First things first, I would say the first time that I felt like I could breathe over the last probably whatever it’s been, 48 hours, was right there in that practice. That’s where I feel home. I thought it was a crisp practice, it was to the point, it was competitive. It was I would say a winning environment. That’s one way to look at it and I feel like going into today I wanted to see how guys responded after what’s happened, what’s taken place over these last couple of days because I think we all know – it is what it is, right? Here we are – new interim head coach, lot of those guys have a ton of respect for Coach (Joe) Philbin and there’s still possibly changes that could happen and so it’s a lot for those guys. And so ultimately all I wanted to see is guys come out and compete and violently compete, and I felt that today. I felt that and I think they felt it too. I don’t think, I know. It’s a good day. That’s one.”

(On if he put his stamp on it from the time when guys stepped on the field) – “I don’t think it’s 100 percent a stamp yet because I kind of meshed a little bit what was already in place with some things I wanted to do, but all in all just kind of the attitude of it, the energy of it, I would say is a little bit more up my alley.”

(On if he wanted some hitting out at practice today) – “Yes, absolutely, that’s what they have those pads on for. Got to learn to use those things again.”

(On the changes and if they will be more about scheme or coaching changes)“We’re looking at everything. I’m sure as you guys know we’ve done some things on the offensive side of the ball, which is certainly something to this point I’m more comfortable with because that’s where I’ve been working and I understand offense very well. Defensively, I’m still looking, I’m in the evaluation process right now, I am looking at everything I can look at. I feel like I’m turning over every stone I can turn over at this point with where we’re at. I’d love to say that, ‘Hey, we’re going to have this thing done immediately.’ That’s just not reality. I understand that I have to, we’re running out of time, OK. But I can’t rush with it either. I’ve got to make sure I’m making the best decision I can for the Miami Dolphins.”

(On if changes will happen before the next game as far as personnel) – “You know what, I can’t even get into that. To be honest with you, I haven’t even had time to sit down and start talking about personnel. Everything, not everything, but I would say a majority of the things that I’ve been involved in to this point is the staff and making sure that I have the staff that I feel like can serve this team the best. That’s been it and then that practice. Those have been the two things and then talking to players, I’m just trying to pull in guys, I’m trying to build some relationships with guys that they know me, but they don’t know me like the tight end group does, or that offense does. So that’s what I’ve been doing.”

(On keeping Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor and bringing in Senior Offensive Assistant Al Saunders) – “Yeah, I’ll be honest with you, I’m excited, I really am. I’m excited about that because Al is a guy, Bill and I talked and this pass game is Al Saunders, it’s got Al Saunders stamp all over it. And that’s where Bill got it from, essentially, is kind of that style, from that tree. And so I felt like Al brings, he obviously brings experience and he brings a lot of experience, he brings somebody that…the guy brings a ton of energy, which you wouldn’t think that, it’s not like he’s the youngest man alive or anything, but he has a ton of experience, he has a ton of energy, he understands what this offense, particularly the pass game is supposed to look like. As of right now, we’re talking about moving him into the receiver room. What we’ve done so far, Phil McGeoghan who has been in that room and has kind of served under Coach (Ken) O’Keefe, is now he’ll kind of take charge of that room. However, we’re planning on putting Al Saunders in that room because he knows what it needs to look like on the back end, not that Phil doesn’t, but it will be great for those two. We’ll get the energy from Phil and Al for that matter, but also the expertise, the experience, and that’s something that Phil’s only going to grow with and they have a rapport in that room with Phil. Then Coach O’Keefe, we have moved to, he’s with Zac Taylor, with quarterbacks, and he, to me, the reason I did this was because I felt like this was going to be best for our football team for the offensive side of the ball because, like Coach O (O’Keefe) is one of those guys that I felt like we’ve got to use what he’s best at and, to me, it’s having him work more in that role with possibly being with Zac Taylor because he’s been an offensive coordinator, he’s had to deal with the quarterbacks before. But also just his overall view of the game. To me, that’s Coach O’s greatest asset is the fact that we get into game plan meetings or day of the game and he’s up in the booth or just some little things sometimes you might not even think about. That’s what he does well. He does very well. I’m excited about those changes. And then the other thing about having Al in, it’s only going to help Bill Lazor be a better offensive coordinator. There’s little things that he’ll be able to help him on.”

(On if he senses there was a frustration in the lack of hitting there was in practice) – “Here’s the thing, as you guys all know, we can only pad up once a week, I think that’s right, I’m still learning some of this, but I ‘m pretty sure that’s the rule, if I’m wrong let me know, if we can go three, no (joking), but one day a week. With that being said, you’ve got to make the most of that day, when you have pads on, you have to make the very most of that day and that’s the day where anytime whether you’re in or you’re out, your fundamentals have to be spot on, it can’t just be another day. When you have pads on for sure, you only get one opportunity now a week to make the most of that and to play with those on your shoulders. It’s one of those things where it sounds like, ‘OK you throw pads on or you don’t throw pads on,’ but it really is one of those days where you’ve got to emphasize the fact that you want those guys coming at after each other a little bit. If you don’t keep pushing the guys and it’s not just the Miami Dolphins, it’s any team. You put the pads on them and you come out in heat like this, you’ve got to drive them now, it’s not natural for those guys to want to go out and just beat the crap out of each other, but sometimes that’s what you’ve got to do a little bit of and that’s what it’s about. To do that and get the most out of them, you’ve got to make it as competitive as you possibly can. There’s always got to be some element to me of competition in the practice where it’s ‘mono e mono’ everybody is looking at you because that’s when you get the most of those guys and that’s when they begin to grow.”

(On how much X’s and O’s wise he can implement during the Bye Week to bring change to the team) – “I’ll be honest with you, I can’t even get into that with you because, there again, I’m at the point now I’m still trying to figure out the staff, I’m still trying to make sure that I’m making the right decision there and, at some point, I’ve got to go through X’s and O’s obviously and we’re going to have to walk through that stuff and make sure that anything that needs to be cleaned up, that’s happened over the last four weeks gets addressed, any changes we need to make as far as that stuff goes, but that’s on the backburner right now.”

(On what went through his mind as he was getting ready for his first practice as head coach and what went through his mind when WR Jarvis Landry and S Cedric Thompson got into a little scuffle during practice) – “Did I eat? That was the first thing you asked me about. I forgot if I ate yesterday, I don’t even know if I ate (joking). As far as (the scuffle between Jarvis and Cedric), I didn’t personally see it, but I wanted it to be a competitive environment, I want it done the right way, I don’t want a bunch of fights out there, but I want it competitive, I want emotions high, I want those guys to puff their feathers up a little bit and to me that’s what it’s all about. Sometimes some of that stuff happens, but that’s not what I’m looking for, I’m not telling these guys to go out and start throwing punches, but, hey, if guys get a little bit heated and they get after it a little bit, you may have some of those. That’s not the team I want to be on, I don’t want to be undisciplined, but to push them to the brink, sometimes you’re going to have things like that.”

(On where he stands with defensive coordinator and what he has spoken to Kevin Coyle about) – “I am in the middle of all of that right now. I am still well into that whole process of trying to sort through all of that. And there again I am trying to turn over every stone I can to this point with the limited amount of time that I have. And that’s it, that’s all I can tell you right now.”

(On if he has decided yet if Defensive Coordinator Kevin Coyle will be back or not) – “No, I haven’t.”

(On if he were to make further changes in the staff, and when he would like that completed) – “Certainly, you would always love that sooner than later with where we are at right now. But I am not going to do something like that just to say that I got it done. I want to make sure that I’m making the right decision. And, like I said, if anything… there’s nothing… I’m glad we have the bye week. That’s all I’m trying to say. This is good timing.”

(On what it will take for the defense to ramp it up a bit) – “Well, there again, some of those things will come down the road when you start talking about offense-defense. But I think a little bit of that started today. To me, if you start tweaking those things a little bit and the competitive environment and you force those guys to where now they can get exposed a little bit or they’ll rise to the top –  that stuff bleeds out into your offense and defense, bleeds out into your offensive and defensive linemen. It bleeds out to all those guys, but to me that’s kind of where that starts. And we’re not even talking about X’s and O’s yet right? That whole deal down there was a fundamental practice. It was just one on one. We had one little small section of seven on seven, which was actually football stuff. Everything else was all about being primates again. Every one of those guys. Just back to the days where, hey, you line up and you go.”

(On if he feels the team is ready to adapt to his philosophy to get intense and aggressive) — “Well, it’s Day One. You can’t got too far here. All I know is that’s the first practice and I was pleased with the first practice.”

(On if he knows how play calling is going to go) – “I do not. I haven’t even got into any of that stuff.”


Quarterback Ryan Tannehill

(On addressing a report about what had happened in a scout team practice last Saturday) – “Yeah, it was the day before the game. I didn’t feel like we were getting the looks that we needed the day before a game and I got upset. I said nothing about a paycheck or anything close to that, I know everyone in this building works hard every single day. I respect that and I would never take a shot like that. Am I happy about everything I said? No. The way things went down the way they did? No, but I hold myself to a higher standard than to take a shot at something like that, especially to the guys that I work with every day and respect how they go about their business.”

(On how a Saturday practice should work) – “Well it’s kind of unique. I think most teams don’t practice on Saturdays. Typically for us a Saturday practice is more of a perfect play type thing, where there is a defense out there, but they let the offense make the plays. They’ve seen these plays throughout the week, we’re just trying to get fast crisp reps on offense and that’s typically the way it works.”

(On if he is upset that what he said got out to the media) – “Yeah I’m upset, honestly it’s slanderous to report things that first of all I didn’t say. To put words into my mouth that I didn’t say, to degrade my reputation and what I stand for, honestly it’s sickening to me. On top of that, just the fact that something from inside the locker room gets out obviously upsets me as well.”

(On why there are leaks coming from the locker room) – “Someone is leaking them obviously. I don’t think it’s a huge problem where everyone is running to say everything that happens here, but I would like to think as a team when something happens within this building or out on the practice field or whatever it may be, we protect each other and we represent each other well. The fact that someone is airing out our dirty laundry from within is a bad feeling.”

(On what he said on Saturday) – “Just saying anything about a scout team or trophy. I was heated, I’m very passionate about this game. I put a lot into it, put a lot into my preparation, how I go about my business every day. And I feel like it’s the day before the game and it’s crucial to our preparation and how we go into a game. I did get upset and said those things, but I talked to those guys and cleared the air with them and we’re moving forward. Obviously we’re 1-3 right now and our focus is on turning it around. This is behind us and we’re moving forward.”

(On what he thinks Coach Dan Campbell can do to get things going in the right direction) – “Dan is already kind of turning things around for us. He just brings a lot of energy, passion, aggression that I think this teams needs right now. Just playing the game physically, aggressively and going after dominate. I think he brings, like I said a lot of energy to practice each and every day. On to the meeting rooms and every time he speaks you can just feel his passion and how much he cares about the game.”

(On how busting out the Oklahoma drill on the one on one’s) – “I wasn’t surprised at all. It’s kind of a flashback to college. But that’s who Dan is. He rides. It’s a physical, aggressive game and you know there’s been times this year where we haven’t played as physical as we wanted to play it. So I think that’s his mentality right now is to get us back to that mind set and so that we go out and not just play but where we go out and dominate.”

(On what his reaction was to the coaching change) – “Honestly I was a little surprised. Just four games into it. I have a ton of respect for Coach Philbin and what he’s done here. Not only on the football field but just the way he represented the organization; the way he carried himself; the respect that he showed everyone. Just a great man that we all learned from within in the building. But once they moved on I think Dan is a guy who can bring a different element to the game than Coach Philbin did and if anyone can get it turned around its Dan.”

(On if he heard of the coaching change on the internet) – “No. I heard it from a friend.”

(On if changing the energy, the passion, the intensity translates to success on the field) – “I think offensively our problem is not schemes. You know we look at it, yeah there are some plays where a different scheme would have helped or they got us on a blitz call. But you take an honest look at it and it’s players not making the plays. Whether it’s the throw, whether it’s the route, the catch, the block, whatever it may be. It’s the players not getting the job done. Which is holding us back and not allowing us to score points where we want to. So yes we’re evaluating our scheme. I’m sure there’ll be some things that we change and move differently on as we go forward. But as it comes down to it, most football comes to one on one. You and the guy in front of you whether it’s an offensive lineman going against the D end or receiver going against a corner. A lot of the game comes down to one-on-one matchups. You know we got a lot of reps today because I think Dan understands that wants to get back to the physical, tough mindset.”

(On when the Xs and Os will come) –  “Well it will definitely come. I think obviously we’re 1-3 so there’s going to be tweaks that we’re going to look at everything. I’ve already talked to the coaching staff. They’re continuing to evaluate coachable games and do self-scout on things we did well, things we didn’t do well, what we need to improve upon. So yeah, of course there will be tweaks. But I think it’s going to come down to, no matter what the tweaks are, you can draw up the best play on paper and if you don’t go out and execute it and block it or throw it and catch it the way it’s supposed to be done, then you’re back at square one.

(On if he watched Dan Campbell’s press conference)  — “I did not watch his press conference.”

(On the first thing Coach Campbell told them when he got them together)  — “He just talked about we’re gonna be a physical team. You know I’m gonna bring that element back to it. We’re going to toe the line. Being aggressive. You know the mindset that we attack each and every game or in every day we attack every day. It’s going to be a physical practice. We’re going to work extremely hard and go after each other in practice. Just test each other. Just to make each other better because if you go out in practice and take it easy on each other, obviously you’re not getting any better. So I love that. I love the fact that we’re going to go out and practice hard against each other and that way when we get to the game we’re fully prepared.”

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