5 Wishes for 2016 Miami Dolphins


5 things we’d like to see for 2016 Miami Dolphins

Not a SINGLE one of these things will come true, but being a fan means harboring hope for the impossible.

1. Stephen Ross Sells! NFL franchises serve as the platinum standard for billionaire toys. Therefore, they rarely come on the market for purchase. There’s not a snowball’s chance in Miami Ross would ever sell this franchise. Besides, who knows if Ross wouldn’t punt the team to a Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder type of owner. We don’t think Ross is a bad guy. He tries hard. Unfortunately, nothing ever works out.

2. Dolphins Announce 2017 Uniform Change: …to the Monday Night Throwback uniforms and logo. They looked awesome and for one night, I felt like a kid watching my favorite team again. Then it was back to reality and our crappy uniforms and logo from Tecmo Bowl or something. The Dolphins will NEVER change the logo and uniforms as long as Ross owns the team. Why? Because the new logo has been installed all over the renovated stadium, practice facility, etc. It costs $$$$ to change all those hard logos. Plus, Ross is stubborn. It’s HIS team. He calls the shots. Fans be damned.

3. Ryan Tannehill Traded: Let some other team work on Tannehill’s “potential.” Imagine Phillip Rivers or Matthew Stafford in a throwback Dolphins uniform every Sunday. Heck, we’ll say this: Jay Fiedler won football games. Look it up. Tannehill is 28-34 at this stage of his career. Fiedler owned a 35-17 record during his first four Dolphins seasons. Tannehill is what he is at this stage.

4. Ross Wipes Slate Clean: Ross wipes out the entire front office from Mike Tannenbaum, Dawn Aponte, Dennis Hickey…everybody. No more consultants. No more “eyes and ears” reporting to Ross back in New York. He makes a decision between hiring an all-powerful GM who names a coach or an all-powerful coach who names a GM to help him with personnel. Stop the merry-go-round of half measures and send a message to the NFL front office/coaching community that you’re done fooling around!

5. Draft Core Players: The Dolphins gain a core group of players in the 2016 draft. It would be amazing — although highly unlikely — to pick up 3 or 4 starters. Remember 1990 when the Dolphins picked up Richmond Webb and Keith Sims? Yeah…good times.

What’re your wishes?

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