After 45 Years as a Miami Dolphins Fan: So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!

Jan. 14, 1973 — April 19, 2018

Not much I can really say in that I have struggled since 2009 to support the decisions this group makes with a club I adored for 45 of my 52 years on this earth.

Like a slowly dying marriage, I’ve waited patiently to see if a flicker of romance could be somehow salvaged. It’s been a long, heart-rending process.

I can take the losing, the gaffes, the strange bits of news this team seems to generate. What I can’t take is the lack of respect for tradition.

The irony is that I’ve finally achieved a life-long goal of living full-time in Florida and I haven’t attended a single game. My dream always consisted of living in Florida, having a season ticket package and sharing my love of the team and going to games with my kids. None of that has or will happen.

The hardcore fans and loyalists — those who will blindly accept any crumb dispensed by the team — will tell me good riddance and claim I was never as loyal or hardcore as they.


It takes real courage to stand up, say and do the things that aren’t popular especially when you’re taking away something that hurts yourself. In the end, you don’t have to accept less than what you want. As a consumer, YOU hold all the power. Without YOU an owner can claim an empty stadium, equipment and a large payroll. That’s it. A team is a FAN BASE.

As a consumer and someone who no longer wishes to remain in an abusive, one-way relationship, I’ve elected to go on with my life. Sundays are free. Stress is less. It’s like having an elephant lifted off your chest. And I’m pleased to know my kids will never have to go through this because they aren’t being introduced to the sport.

No more worrying about the Draft.
Or stressing over wins or losses.
Or being angry about the Patriots or Jets.
You wake up on Sunday, take a deep breath and enjoy the day with your family.
It’s a miracle.
I feel like Neo after emerging from the Matrix.

I pray everyone will discover this peace.